Analyses - Some examples of our previous assignments: 

Evaluation of the total logistics in connection with fast ferry services in the "Trondhjemsfjord", including traffic analyses and proposals for improvements of the terminals used for fast ferries.

A survey of the world wide fast ferry industry which included identification of potential routes, existing operators and owners, designers and builders for three Norwegian shipyards.

As part of the Norwegian Research Council's program on Fast Ferries, two studies were commissioned:
- The Fast Ferry Industry - Strategic Analyses of the National and International Competitive Relations. - Fast Ferry Terminals - Logistics and Traffic Control.

Project management for a prospective cruise / ferry - line with quite small vessels to be operated in the Bahamas in co-operation with a local business entity in the Bahamas as well as the Bahamian government. The project included co-ordination of the development of the design of the vessels, and the planning of the service.

Project management for the possible establishment of a fast ferry service in the Middle East as a Joint-Venture between Norwegian and Saudi-Arabian companies.

Feasibility study for the prospective establishment of a new international service with ferries between Norway and the Continent.

Feasibility study for the prospective establishment of a new international service with ro/ro trailer vessels for fish and other perishable goods between the west coast of Norway and the Continent.

Exclusive shipbroker for the marketing and sale of a low wash catamaran under construction by FBM, England.

Exclusive shipbroker in the Western Hemisphere, the Philippines, and the Middle East for the marketing and sale of a wave piercing catamaran under construction by Astra Bay Enterprises, designed by Advanced Multi-Hull Designs Pty Ltd, both companies in Australia.

Exclusive shipbroker world wide for the marketing and sale of two SES catamarans on Time-Charter to Petrobras, Brazil.

Feasibility study for the prospective establishment of a new service company for Russian and Norwegian fishing vessels in North-Norway.

Analysis of the relationship between second-hand values in percent of new-building costs, and the age of vessels.

Appointment as expert in connection with an arbitration between a shipyard and a ship owner due to delayed delivery of a new-building; including analyses of a fair magnitude of the liquidated damages and the possible losses resulting from the delayed delivery.

Main papers presented at major conferences:

- 1993:
Developments of the New-building and Second-hand market for fast ferries, by Dagfinn Moe, Senior Consultant, SSI, at the Cruise & Ferry Conference, London.

- 1995:
The Fast Ferry market - The Developments towards Larger High Speed Car / Passenger Ferries, by Tor Moinichen, Managing Director, SSI, at a Norwegian Conference for Shipyards.

- 2001:
The Fast Ferry market: - Prospects for Future Fleet Investments, by Tor Moinichen, managing Director, SSI, at the Cruise & Ferry Conference, London.

Numerous evaluations of vessels. Please see separate reference list.