History of Tandberg & Møinichen AS

In shipping since 1948

Tandberg & Møinichen was established in 1948 as shipowners and shipbrokers in Drammen, Norway, by Mr. Tor Tandberg and Mr. Knut Einar Møinichen.
The company's activities were closely related to the paper & pulp industry in the Drammen area, and the company was very active in North Sea and Baltic Sea shipping. It operated a small fleet of own vessels and vessels on management contracts. Cargoes carried were mainly lumber, coal, paper & pulp.

In addition it was agents in the Drammen district for several overseas ship lines, among them Hapag-Lloyd and the Polish Steam Ship Company.

Around 1962/63, when the paper & pulp industry was gradually reduced, Tandberg & Møinichen divested in own ships. The chartering activities were left to the assistant director of the company, Mr. Andreas Holt, who successfully maintained the chartering activities until his retirement in 1984.

Meanwhile, Mr. Knut E. Møinichen, in co-operation with Wallenius Rederierna, Stockholm, Sweden, co-founded what is now Norway's largest import terminal for new cars, Drammen Bilhavn A/S. In conjunction with the import terminal, Motortransport A/S (domestic distribution of cars by road and rail) and Motorships A/S (shipbrokers and agents) were later established.

At the same time, Mr. Knut E. Møinichen and Tandberg & Møinichen A/S were active in establishing sea borne distribution of cars in Norway. The Seatrans-group in Bergen started a coastal service based on cars from Drammen Bilhavn A/S and capital from several investors, among them Motorships A/S and Mr. Knut E. Møinichen. Tandberg & Møinichen A/S was responsible for booking cargo for the service.

After the death of Mr. Oluf Wallenius, the Wallenius Rederierna transferred the shares in the Drammen Bilhavn Group to one of its directors. When he went bankrupt in 1980/81, the Swedish-owned shares were bought by a consortium of Norwegian investors headed by persons related to Tandberg & Møinichen. The group of companies was thus owned 32% by Mr. Tor Møinichen and Tandberg & Møinichen A/S.

In 1984, Tandberg & Møinichen A/S and the Møinichen-family sold its shares in the Drammen Bilhavn Group. The chartering activities were transferred to Motorships A/S, and Tandberg & Møinichen AS was for some years active investor in the stock market and in shipping- and real estate projects.

In 1990, Tandberg & Møinichen acquired 40% of Sea Service International A/S. Early 1991, T&M acquired the remaining shares of Sea Service, and the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Tandberg & Møinichen A/S. After T&M's acquisition, Sea Service developed into a full fledged shipbroker covering the global markets for cruise ships, high speed crafts, car / passenger ferries and roll on / roll off ships. In addition the company worked as consultants and managers of ship owning companies. In 2007 it was decided to terminate the activities of Sea Service as the personnel involved wanted to pursue other activities. The company was therefore merged with its parent company Tandberg & Møinichen AS