Halvorsen & Møinichen AS is providing management consulting services to small and medium sized companies (SMBs) in the maritime industry and the yachting industry.

The company also works as an investment company focusing on portfolio investments.

Its activities commenced in 1948. Although they have varied over its long history, the company has always worked in the maritime industry - as shipowners, shipbrokers, consultants and investors.

Thanks to its integrity and professionalism, the company has had many of the world's leading shipowners and shipyards as its clients.

Its former subsidiary, Sea Service International AS, which was serving the global market for passenger vessels and roll on / roll off ships until 2006, was one of the World’s leading brokers for high speed ferries.

In the early sixties, the company’s management was co-founders of what is now Norway's largest import terminal for new cars, Drammen Bilhavn A/S. In conjunction with the import terminal, Motortransport A/S (domestic distribution of cars by road and rail) and Motorships A/S (shipbrokers and agents) were later established. This group of companies is now known as Autolink Group AS.